Commercial Kitchen Design Service

At the Catering Innovation Agency we know that for a commercial kitchen to function properly it is not just the catering equipment that is important. It is having your kitchen ergonomically designed so that the right catering equipment in the correct position to streamline your operation.

That is why we offer our bespoke ergonomic 3D kitchen design service. Our team of experienced professional catering professionals will take you through a design process that will not only ensure that you have the best catering equipment, but that you will also have a highly effective and profitable kitchen.

Our detailed process starts with a full review of

  • Your Menu
  • What you cook
  • How you cook
  • The level of preparation for your food
  • Your staff (and their level of training)
  • Number of meals served per day

Kitchen Design Service

We then take the measurements of your kitchen area. It is only at this stage we investigate what is the most suitable catering equipment for your kitchen.

Once we have identified the correct catering equipment for your kitchen, we then produce a detailed 3D plan for the layout of your new kitchen.

All of our team of kitchen designers have over 25 years experience in the catering industry so they know what catering equipment is best suited for your operation but also where to place that equipment to reduce the need for walking and lifting for your staff.

Our clients trust our expertise to ensure that they have the best kitchen design and layout  to maximise both production and profitability.

In addition we will provide you with a detailed proposal (down to the last screw) that will outline the total costs and the total time-frame for your kitchen installation.

So if you are thinking of renovating or building a new commercial kitchen then contact us to book your Free Site Survey and get the kitchen design that your business needs for success.