Emainox Cook-in

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Compromise between cost and performance.

Gas or electric cooking elements, pasta cookers, fryers, fry tops. Plenty of new models for allowing all the customers to find, also in the kitchen environment, their own style.

  • Gas Range – Cast iron single crown burners, pilot flame ignition – the system has a safety cock control with progressive adjustment of supplied power.
  • Electric grills with water – Suitable for food products needing a right and constant degree of humidity during cooking process. Heating elements block is tilting for an easier cleaning of the tank.
  • Pasta Cooker – Moulded cooking tanks for maximum hygiene, AISI 316 construction for maximum durability.
  • Fryers – Moulded tanks allow an easier and faster cleaning. A wide cold area prevents the residues from entering the hot oil cycle, preserving it for long time.

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