Frymaster OCF30ATOE

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Specifically designed for ultimate oil conservation and high performance.

These fryers are the ultimate oil-conserving, high-performance fryers. As operators are pressured to do more with less, the OCF30ATOE 14 kw electric fryers help improve profit margins with labor and energy-saving features, contribute to green and sustainability initiatives, safeguard workers, and move toward healthier eating.

The open stainless steel frypot is easy to clean. These fryers reduce operating costs by using less oil, 30-lbs versus 50-lbs. Oil life is maximized because the smaller frypot maintains a favorable ratio of fresh to used oil. This higher ratio of fresh oil slows down the accumulation of breakdown products that shortens oil life so the oil lasts longer. Less oil to fill and longer times between fills saves operators well over 40% on their oil costs.

This savings helps meet consumer demand for healthier food choices and regulatory mandates to use trans fat-free oils by offsetting the higher cost of these oils. With ASTM ratings that exceed ENERGY STAR® guidelines for efficiency, OCF30ATOE 14 kw electric fryers qualify for energy-saving rebates. A new COOL Mode feature reduces the temperature when the fryer is not in use and saves energy.

The built-in FootPrint PRO filtration system encourages more frequent filtering, which preserves oil life and ensures consistent, great-tasting food. The simple, proven 2-lever process has recessed handles tucked safely inside the cabinet to prevent unplanned filtration and dangerous extension into busy work spaces.

The independent frypot construction of the OCF30ATOE 14 kw electric fryers makes it easy to repair or replace a frypot while maintaining continuous operation and protects operators against non-manufacturing defect, full-battery replacement costs. Reliable operation is backed globally by Manitowoc’s STAR Service.

The OCF30ATOE 14 kw electric fryer line-up offers 2-4 frypot (full — 14 kw and/or split — 7 kw) batteries and all voltages worldwide. OCF30ATOE 14 kw fryers handle liquid, semi-liquid and semi-solid shortening types.

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