Merrychef 402S

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Introducing the latest innovation in Ventless Accelerated Cooking.

Accelerate your service, Expand your menu, Generate sales, Manage labour, Optimise space, and improve profitability… Just what you’d expect from the world’s leading supplier and manufacturer of Accelerated Cooking Technology®.

How it works

The 402S combines three heat technologies:

  • Convection
  • Microwave
  • Impingement

The convection fan pulls in air through the grease filter which removes the majority of smoke from the air flow. The air is then heated and returned to the cavity through the catalyst and impinger plates to produce an even heat pattern in the oven. This heat layout minimises the areas where grease can build-up, allowing food to cook evenly to produce a crisp, golden finish.

  • Cool to touch
  • Up To 15 X Faster than conventional ovens
  • Ventless

Some Key Benefits

  • Save money – Ventless cooking eliminates investment in an extraction system
  • Reduce queuing time – Three heating technologies reduce cooking times by up to 15 times
  • Improve safety – The cool-to-touch door means the food heats quickly but the outside stays cool
  • Guarantee perfect results every time:
    • Your programmes may be loaded onto the Menu Key®
    • Digital controls are easy to use
    • Precise power levels to cook even the most delicate products
  • Minimise life time operational costs:
    • Digital touch pad and interior cavity are easy to clean
    • In-built diagnostics avoid unnecessary service calls
    • Remote monitoring available

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