Merrychef EC401

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Ideally suited for kitchens where space is at a premium.

Combination oven which offers excellent results for any call order menu.

Product Features

  • Microwave Combination Reduces Cooking Times By Up To 5 Times
  • Easy to Clean Digital Touch Pad Control
  • Fully Programmable (up to 10 programs) Including Multi-Stage Programming
  • User Friendly Operation
  • Quick Pre-Heat Time
  • Low Loss Insulated Cavity Cavity For Energy Efficiency
  • Free On-Site Product Training and Instruction Video
  • 4 Microwave Power Levels
  • Delivered With 2 Turntables, 1 Trav, 1 Rack & 1 Handle
  • Quality Assured BS ENO ISO 9002 Accreditation and CE Marked


  • Power Output Microwave 700 Watts
  • Convection 3000 Watts
  • Combi 1.5 kw conv & 700 w microwave rating

Installation Requirements

Away from major heat sources. Place on a flat surface that is level, strong and stable. Allow a minimum of 50mm clearance at the rear of the oven and to either side for air to circulate freely and at least 350mm above the front of the oven to enable the door to operate freely and and for air filters to be removed for cleaning. If circuit breakers are in use, ensure Type C units are fitted.

More Information

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