Merrychef microwave MD1800

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Ideally suited for individual portions or small batch cooking.

Fully commercial medium duty, stainless steel, stackable microwave oven with side opening door.

Product Features

  • Easy to use ergonomic ditgital contol panel
  • opening door allows up to 3 ovens to be stacked vertically
  • Fully programmable (up to 10 programs) including multi-stage programming (up to 3 stages per program) and x 2 and x 3 multi-portion facility
  • 1800 Watt power output (IEC 705 Rating)
  • User friendly operation
  • Energy saving stand-by mode
  • In-built diagnostics – easy to use fault finding card
  • Quality assured BS EN ISO 9001 accreditation and CE marked

Main Design Features

  • No Turntable – All parts of the cavity can be used
  • Keypad – Set time, and to use pre-programmed cooking cycles
  • Time Display – Displays remaining cooking time
  • Air Filter – Cleans air to avoid degradation of internal components – MUST BE KEPT CLEAN
  • Standby – Oven fans and Cavity Bulb switch off after five minutes if oven not used

Main Operational Points

  • Follow cooking instructions exactly
  • Keep oven clean at all times – fresh spillages are easier to remove
  • DO NOT obstruct air inlets – the oven will overheat if this happens

More Information

MD1800 Specification