Mibrasa Charcoal Ovens

Enquiry about Mibrasa Charcoal Ovens

The Catering Innovation Agency is the exclusive distributor in Ireland of the ground-breaking Mibrasa charcoal ovens. A Mibrasa oven allows you to deliver great authentic barbecue taste to your diners, with all the convenience and control of indoor oven cooking. We’re opening up a new world of flavours and possibilities.

Made from best-quality steel by expert hands, they are designed to satisfy even the most demanding chefs. The technical specifications allow the user to accurately control the air flow through the grill, changing the intensity of the charcoal embers. This is an extremely efficient way of cooking, and cuts down on the amount of charcoal needed.

Mibrasa ovens allow you to cook all types of foods, retaining their natural flavours and bringing out a unique taste. It really is Feeding the Senses.

Mibrasa HMB Mini Charcoal Oven

Mibrasa HMB Mini…

The Mibrasa HMB Mini is the entry-level Mibrasa charcoal oven, ideal for bars, small restaurants, and even homes. Its compact size … View Product

Mibrasa HMB Charcoal Oven

Mibrasa HMB…

The Mibrasa HMB worktop charcoal oven is available in three different sizes, meeting the needs of establishments catering for between 75 and … View Product

Mibrasa HMB SB Charcoal Oven

Mibrasa HMB SB…

The Mibrasa HMB SB worktop charcoal oven introduces a heating rack to the Mibrasa HMB models, to keep food hot in an easy and economical … View Product

Mibrasa HMB AB Charcoal Oven

Mibrasa HMB AB…

The Mibrasa HMB AB is the basic stand-alone Mibrasa charcoal oven, featuring a spacious one-shelf storage cupboard underneath the oven, … View Product

Mibrasa HMB AB-SB Charcoal Oven

Mibrasa HMB AB-SB…

The Mibrasa HMB AB-SB charcoal oven combines all the features of both the AB and SB models, delivering a stand-alone oven complete with … View Product

Mibrasa HMB AC Charcoal Oven

Mibrasa HMB AC…

The Mibrasa HMB AC charcoal oven allows the ultimate combination of storage and controlled indoor charcoal cooking. It includes a … View Product

Mibrasa HMB AC-C Charcoal Oven

Mibrasa HMB AC-C…

The Mibrasa HMB AC-C adds an extraction hood to the already powerful HMB AC model. The hood is made of stainless steel, with an external … View Product