Tecnoinox Tecno 60

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Tecno60 is the modular cooking line combining high performances with space-saving.

Tecno60 is a complete and versatile range with horizontal and vertical modular units. Made out of stainless steel with a Scotch Brite brushed finish, it is 60 cm deep and 35, 70 and 105 cm wide.

Each of the appliances in the line can be easily secured of its neighbor using special joining elements which also effectively prevent infiltration and therefore guarantee maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning. Available are ranges and top versions, which can be combined with open or door-equipped bases.

All free-standing appliances and bases are equipped with adjustable stainless steel feet. Tecno60 is therefore the perfect solution for snack bars, small restaurants, pizza parlous and fast food outlets, but it can also complete canteens, communities and medium and large restaurants kitchens.

Safety is a key element in this line – all the models are CE approved and all gas appliances carry the German DVGW certificate for most of the countries in Europe.

Specific safety devices are mounted on each of the appliances – safety valves with thermocouple are provided on the gas models and supplementary thermostats against overheating on the electric ones.

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