Tecnoinox Tecno 70

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Tecnoinox modular cooking line designed for high professional performance in a compact space.

TECNO70 is ideal for hotel and restaurant kitchens, bars, snack bars, small cafeterias and self service restaurants. With its several appliances specific for diverse kinds of cooking, TECNO70 is perfect for chefs who want each dish to be the best, even when working in small places.


  • facilitate working in the kitchen reducing both cooking and waiting times for the customers, optimizing final result and service
  • reliable and priceless work tools, manufactured out of the best materials and components in terms of sturdiness and durability – thanks to its features, TECNO70 has passed the most severe European tests obtaining DVGW certification for most of the nations in Europe
  • all the appliances are equipped with safety devices to always guarantee a safe working environment, even in conditions of prolonged use
  • designed keeping hygiene in mind – the pressed tops, the raised edges against overflow and the rounded corners of the tanks make cleaning easy and fast
  • available are top elements, bases and freestanding appliances with adjustable stainless steel feet or wheels to facilitate moving
  • bridge structures are perfect solutions to create free spaces, to be used according to specific needs
  • the appliances can be positioned in line or back to back creating a central island.

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