Tecnoinox Tecno 90

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For the most demanding professional chefs, TECNO90 is designed with maximum attention to every detail in terms of functionality, aesthetics and safety.

TECNO90 is a modular cooking line designed to offer professional performance of the highest level with maximum versatility.

It is ideal for hotels, community centers and large restaurants that need reliability, power and productivity suitable for serving a high number of servings. Professional performance requires adequate best quality materials.

The TECNO90 AISI 304 stainless steel thick tops (2mm) and highly reliable components are designed for resistance and durability over time. All the appliances in the line have been designed keeping safety in mind: all the machines are equipped with devices suitable for guaranteeing a safe workplace, even in prolonged use conditions.

This product with its select features, has passed the most severe European tests obtaining DVGW certification for most of the nations in Europe. Designed for making cleaning simple thanks to large pressed tops with raised edges against overflow and to the perfect draw up guaranteed by an exclusive and innovative assembly system.

All the appliances are designed with a focus on hygiene protecting both those who work in the kitchen as well as those eating in the dining room. TECNO90 is not just performing and safe, it is also attractive.

The fanciful chimneys – providing technical necessities as well as an aesthetic detail- together with effective and simple design make it a “made in Italy” product not only for its quality, but also for its attractive appearance.

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